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Sokka and Suki

The Kyoshi Warrior and the Water Tribe Fighter

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Hi! So you like the Avatar pairing Sokka/Suki? Yay!

However, before you go the merry land of Sokka and Suki, there are some itty bitty rules you must follow.

1. Please post about Sokka, Suki and/or Sokka/Suki. Not posting them would defeat the purpose of this community.
2. Fan art, colorbars, spoilers, more than 3 icons, etc. MUST be put behind an lj-cut.
3. No trolling. If you hate this pairing so much, why are you even here?
4. However, even if you do get *magically* off topic with Sokka/Suki, as long as it perains to Avatar: The Last Airbender I won't delete the post.
5. Most importantly, have fun!

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